ANNOUNCEMENT: As of November 2020, Max has joined Parlatore Law Group as Counsel. Please click here for new contact information.

Hass Law LLC is a law firm based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to providing artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Colorado, Louisiana, and New York with key legal support they need to help their projects succeed and businesses grow. 

The firm was started by founder Max Hass in New Orleans, Louisiana as an entertainment law firm, focused on the needs of creative individuals and entrepreneurs. Under its previous name, Action Potential Entertainment, the firm provided legal and business advice for individuals in all areas of the arts and entertainment industries, with a particular focus on music, visual art, and film. In 2019, with an expanded vision to provide services to individuals and businesses beyond the entertainment sphere, the firm relocated to Denver and changed its name to Hass Law.


The firm's mission is to be part of the crucial support system for aspiring career artists. In the service of that mission, Hass Law works closely with clients to develop a solid business foundation for each new project that the client seeks to pursue. We take the time to educate our clients on the legal background for each project, and treat our clients as teammates on each matter, making sure they understand what's happening at every step of the way. Moreover, Hass Law operates with flexible scheduling and pricing, born of a deep commitment to keeping its services accessible to members of the creative community and small business owners.

As a musician, songwriter, and lover of the arts himself, Max has great enthusiasm for all of his clients’ projects. Combining this passion with years of experience in the entertainment industry and with intellectual property law matters, Hass Law is proud to serve and strengthen the community through its work. 

Contact Hass Law today for legal assistance with copyright and trademark matters, contracts, notary services, business formation and transactions, or commercial disputes. Although we are only licensed to practice law in Colorado, New York, and Louisiana, we may be able to assist clients in other states with federal trademark and copyright matters, as the law in these areas is the same in every state. If you're in any of these sectors - advertising, architecture, books, gaming, music, movies, newspapers & magazines, performing arts (theater, dance, etc.), radio, TV, or visual arts - or you're a small business owner in any field, and you need legal advice, you've come to the right place.